BARON – $22,500

9 years old (GRADE, NO PAPERS)

15.2 hands


Baron is an outstanding horse in all aspects, he is built right, fancy colored, and experienced as well. Baron has spent his life out on the ranch doing a day’s work and is legitimately one of the nicest using horses I’ve been on. Rides straight up in the bridle, one handed, and doesn’t make a wrong move. He travels nice, doesn’t get worked up, crosses water, goes anywhere you ask, and is fun to sort cattle on. Baron is fancy broke with a big stop, nice turnaround, and lots of feel. He is solid on both ends in the arena. Heading, he scores well, breaks flat, can really run, but stays easily rideable throughout the run. Baron has a nice move in the handle and faces well. Heeling, he is very easy to ride, times up well, stays free until you throw and has a nice smooth stop. Baron is as “real deal” as you will find out there. He’s priced very reasonable as he doesn’t have papers. Baron will get the job done and get you a chance at the pay window every trip. This is a horse you’ll enjoy if you get on him.