CAMPAIGNER – $20,000

10 years old
14.3 hands
1,050 #
Campaigner is just that, a solid seasoned veteran that has been to the pay window heading, heeling, and in the breakaway. He’s done his tour out on the ranch, branded calves, gathered and rode the rough country. In the arena, Campaigner is very broke, soft in the bridle, has a big stop and turns around nice. He lopes correct circles, is always respectful of your hands and feet and is very catty. Campaigner scores well, has a great move in the handle and really faces. He rates and times up well, is a big stopper and solid to the horn. Campaigner has a big motor and can really get across the line and run in all events. He still has plenty of rate but can sure enough take you to the pay window in the big stuff.