**NEW SALE** DECAF – BILLINGS LIVESTOCK ONLINE SALE, JUNE 4-5, 2020 FMI on bidding, please call 406-245-4151 or www.billingslivestock.com/Horse_Sales/HorseSaleHome.html

5 years old

15 hands


DeCaf is as pretty of a blue roan as you’ll find; he’s friendly, people oriented, and just as gentle as his name implies. He rides around broke, willing to please, travels out nice, but never hot or prancy. DeCaf is built right with clean straight legs, good feet, and a very willing attitude. He has been used outside, trail ridden, worked cattle, roped and doctored cattle, and is also a very nice heel horse. DeCaf scores well, is easy to find position on, and has a nice stop. He adapts to different riders and is fun every trip out of the box. DeCaf has also spent many hours in the arena so he rides up in the bridle correctly, stops nice, backs, spins, and sidepass all with ease. DeCaf goes where you point him, crosses water, rides alone or with a group, and isn’t spooky or hard to handle in any way. He is calm around dogs, traffic, balls, tarps, and other scary stuff. DeCaf is a gentleman to bathe, clip, shoe, tie, haul and catch. He is easy to handle both on the ground and while riding him and is going to fit a wide variety of people. DeCaf also lays down easily when asked as well as sitting up to pose for pictures with your friends! After having DeCaf in our program for a year, we are very confident that he will fit right into whatever lifestyle you choose to put him in.