HOT ROD – Consigned to Billings Livestock Sale, February 21-23, 2020 in Billings, MT

9 years old (2020)

15.2 hands


Hot Rod is a drop dead gorgeous, solid built, clean horse. He has more experience on the ranch and putting in a solid days work than most people. He travels out smooth and easy, rides around like a good one should; get off him and drop his reins and he will be there when you get back. Hot Rod is a once in a lifetime horse with the experience and talent he has. He has been our number 1 to haul to ropings, start colts, use outside, or generally saddle for anything that needs done. At 9 years old, he is ready to go win for you now and for years to come. I haven’t ridden many horses that can run, stop, move and handle the way he can. Hot Rod is the special kind we all search to find and are proud to own when we get one bought. He has never gotten so much as a hump in his back even on the coldest mornings and rides off the same every day. He is a solid, seasoned, money earner both heading and heeling, that will do his part to win you money every trip in the area; and is as solid of a using, ranch, trail horse as you will find. You won’t be disappointed in Hot Rod.