PLAYBOY – $55,000

8 years old (2019)

15 hands

1,150 #

Playboy is a superstar in every way.  He is gentle, broke to the nines, cuts cattle, runs a reining pattern, solid on both ends under most any level of rider.  This horse has seen the show circuit, jackpot ropings, major cuttings, been hauled all over and has taken it all like a champ.  Playboy is friendly, gentle, wants to please and be a friend, but when he walks in the arena for any event, he has talent to work with the very best.  He has a heading move in the handle that belies his smaller size and is very quick footed.  Playboy scores well, stays good minded and can take you anywhere you want to go.  He has been under very talented trainers his whole life and it shows.  If you want a show stopper in any arena, then look at Playboy.