TOP GUN – $50,000

9 years old (2020)
15.1 hands
Top Gun is as fancy of a switchender as I’ve had around.  He is the guy to saddle no matter the job that needs done for the day.  Top Gun rides off gentle every day and is easy to handle in every way.  He is solid on the ranch, fancy broke, has a great stride, and is very good looking as well.  Top Gun is a solid, seasoned rope horse on both ends.  He handles hauling, new arenas, different riders, cattle and setups with ease.  Top Gun puts you in a spot to win every trip.  He is solid in the box, has been through a rope line, runs hard, has a great move, and really faces.  Top Gun is easy to heel on, has a great stop, can be tied onto, and is solid to many styles.  I can’t say enough good about this horse and how much we enjoy him in every way.