WIND RIVER – $30,000

8 years old
15.1 hands
Wind River is the kind of horse that doesn’t come around often. He is built great, perfect color of grey to shine no matter where you take him, plus attitude and tons of ability. He has been hauled, won on, ranched on, enjoyed and used in every way. Wind River is safe, gentle, broke, and stays that way every day of the week. He scores great, can really run but stays controlled and lets you win no matter the steer you draw. From high numbers to low, Wind River is going to be the same horse. He is fun to heel on as well and makes catching feet easy. He adapts to riders of all skill levels with ease and is willing to do his best to get along no matter what is asked of him. You won’t be disappointed with him in any way. Wind River has alot of life experience and is young enough to be with you many years.