Horses For Sale

Diamond H Ranch is Happy to introduce Kera and Dave Washburn with Washburn Performance horses.  Please give Kera a call for all your horse buying needs. .
Kera#: (775)761-2626

MAGIC – $15,000

For Sale

9 years old

15.3 hands


Magic is a solid head horse that has been hauled, seasoned, and won on.  This horse is easy to rope on and will suit a wide variety of riders.  He is gentle, kind, and has been ridden and enjoyed by every level of rider.  Ride him with a tiedown or without, he is the same horse all the time.  He travels nice outside and can go all day and get the job done.  Magic tries hard to please and is a very pretty true black that will surely get you noticed.  If you’re looking for a deal, Magic may be for you.  He is a mild cribber and is priced to account for this.


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INDY – $17,500

For Sale

12 years old

14.3 hands


Indy is a solid winning switchender that is ready to put in the trailer and start winning.  He has seen the world and won alot of money as he went along.  Indy has also seen alot of outside miles and will get the job done from snubbing colts, to roping one in the brush and holding him for you to tie down.  He is gentle, kind, and will lie down to let you get on!  I can’t say enough good things about this horse.  He is a go to horse for any job in or out of the arena.


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FLINTSTONE – $17,500

For Sale

13 years old

15.2 hands

1,250 #

There is no way to put in words how gentle and kind Flintstone is.  He’s in your pocket and willing at everything you do with him.  Flintstone has been used in every aspect of ranch life, and is gentle to anyone.  He has been hauled to all the big ropings and he is just as at home in the arena as out on the ranch.  No matter what you need to get done, Flintstone is a handy and willing partner.  He is very broke and athletic for a horse his size.  He has great breeding, looks, attitude, and ability.  If you want something solid and ready to do anything, then take a look at Flintstone.

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ROCKY – $17,500

For Sale


8 years old (2017)

15 hands


Rocky is a very fun, solid heel horse.  He’s easy on the eyes and is something you’ll be proud to ride.  Rocky has a gentle quiet attitude, scores well, and really cows up.  Ride him back, or ride him high, he’ll make the corner and give you a shot.  Rocky runs easy and stops smooth; he’s quick footed and always ready to get you in the money.  We have been heading on Rocky the last few months and he is coming along nicely.  He scores well, has a nice move, and is strong on the horn.  He faces correctly and is going to be a very nice switch-ender.  He doesn’t require ridden daily to stay good and is a joy to be around.



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